Simulation based modules

A simulation based module consists of a realistic graphical representation of a system (braking circuit, traction system, signalling system, etc.) linked to computer models of each relevant component of this system. It allows the trainee to operate the system as in real life. Simulation based modules may also include stereo audio cues associated with the represented system.

The computer models are developed using the same technology as for full cab, desk or compact simulators. Sydac uses the industry standard tools MATLAB/Simulink and MatrixX for the high fidelity numerical modelling of physical systems.

The computer models include the modelling of all of the system fault sequence and associated indications, and allow for real-time or accelerated computation of the simulation states.

Simulation based modules are particularly appropriate for training and assessment in system operation and maintenance. Trainees may be guided through a step by step sequence of actions or alternatively be free to react to simulation states.

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