Situation based modules

The specific role of situation based modules is to place the trainee in the position to apply a large variety of knowledge in a near-to-reality situation.

The principle is to create a scenario in which the trainee is asked to take decisions and perform actions in a full 3D virtual environment. The course of the scenario is presented as a suite of key decision steps and events.

With Scenario Creator, Sydac has taken a lead in the generation of full 3D virtual environments in which assets can easily be controlled to design and produce challenging and highly realistic interactive situation based training and assessment modules.

Scenario Creator includes artificial intelligence control for pedestrians, road vehicles and other objects, asset placement and pathing, high fidelity animations, vehicle physics, object collisions, rich environmental sounds, powerful scripting capability plus intuitive 3D based editing and real time control interfaces.

Scenario Creator includes:

  • 3D full virtual environments and assets e.g. buildings, characters, vehicles, sounds, etc.

    To develop a scenario, the instructor first populates the 3D virtual environment with all assets required. The instructor can use and edit one of the supplied virtual environments or create a new one.
  • A director control panel that allows the end-user to create complex flows of acts, questions, branches, actions and events. From the Director panel it is easy to determine the structure and main flow of a scenario and its possible outcomes.

    An act is a discrete block of time in which assets are directed to do something. An act may lead to a question, a branch or another act.

    A question is added whenever a decision point is required. Each question may have any number of choices.

    A branch offers the ability to control the flow of the scenario based on the answer to a question. Each question is paired with at least one branch.

    An action is a sequence of commands to be executed. It is similar to an act but can only be triggered by an event. There are three types of events:
    - Manual event, triggered manually by the instructor.
    - Collision event, when 2 assets collide.
    - Proximity event, when 2 assets are within a specified distance.
  • Act and action editors that allow assets to be fully controlled and commands to be executed. Act and action editors are in effect timeline based execution panels.

Scenario Creator includes the following features:

  • Artificial intelligence embedded in the assets
  • Decision tree story line
  • Location and event trigger points
  • Asset placement and pathing
  • Avatar control (character can be moved using the keyboard to perform an action)
  • Environmental sound effects and speech control (to allow characters to communicate)
  • Changeable weather conditions
  • Changeable view points (e.g. a virtual camera attached to an asset, etc.)
  • Real world physical attributes (e.g. floods, xxx, etc.)
  • Ability to deliver content via a multitude of platforms

It will take a fully trained end-user in Scenario Creator, 1 to 2 days to create a 20 minutes situation based training and assessment module.

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