Control features

Sydac provides a suite of Windows based user friendly point and click control interfaces allowing instructors to train and coach trainee drivers in the desired procedures and behaviours such that driver knowledge and competency is developed and reinforced. This is the heart of the value and benefits of Sydac simulators.

The design of the control interfaces builds on more than 15 years experience of Sydac in the field. Sydac control interfaces allow instructors to train the trainee drivers rather than run the simulator, thanks to a high degree of configuration control, artificial intelligence capabilities and sophisticated scripting techniques.

Sydac simulators also include typically a suite of performance assessment tools, which enable rapid assessment of capabilities and highlight areas in which trainee drivers may need further training.

These tools together with the replay and coaching facilities enable instructors to gain an insight into the ability and performance of the trainee drivers and to provide immediate feedback following the completion of the training sessions.

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