Hazard perception & awareness

Hazard awareness training provides a cost effective, and in many cases, the only way to give high quality practical training in critical and hazardous situations. As part of a well-constructed training program, it prepares your operational workforce for any expected hazard situations.

Using a reality theatre, trainees are immersed into an animated scenario where they assess actions of the characters to understand how a chain of events can combine to create catastrophic failures.

This exposure allows staff to improve their situational awareness skills and to learn and rehearse their response to hazardous events that, whilst rarely encountered, are critical to the safe operation of the railway. The outcome of this simulation-based training is a better-trained and safer driver workforce.

Sydac can provide a hazard scenario for any situation, such as:

  • Train derailments
  • SPAD's
  • Passenger issues
  • Communication problems
  • Fire or explosions
  • Evacuations from trains, stations or tunnels
  • Track or signal faults
  • Trespassers
  • Track obstructions

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