Part Task Trainer

The Part Task Trainer is designed to train drivers in fault finding and recovery procedures.

The Part Task Trainer consists of a graphical representation of the train linked to the train models. It allows the trainee to virtually walk through the train by selecting the areas of the train he wants to explore in more detail to carry out fault diagnosis and maintenance procedures.

The Part Task Trainer includes also stereo audio cues associated with the represented train equipments. These are proportional to the distance from the equipment.

For example, a leaking air bag will be heard when the trainee selects the outside view of the train and as he approaches the vehicle with the leaking air bag the sound will increase in volume. This allows the student to not only hear the application of the equipment but to use the sound to diagnose where a problem is.

The Part Task Trainer would be displayed on the instructor station to enable the instructor to monitor in real time the performance of the trainee, as well as record his progress for replay, coaching and feedback.

The Part Task Trainer can also be provided as a standalone version (i.e. not linked to the train model) that can be used in a classroom environment by either the trainees or the instructors.

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