Freight Rail Transport

With the wider adoption of Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) braking system and driver assistant systems (e.g. to monitor train forces and present ongoing advice on train handling techniques), driver training is more important than ever to help drivers learn the basic principles of operation of such systems in a controlled environment.

Freight companies who have implemented ECP braking on their heavy freight trains have shown that the benefits of ECP braking are not fully realised until drivers have become adept at the correct operation of ECP braking.

Sydac has extensive experience developing locomotive simulators for the freight industry.

Sydac freight simulators can replicate all aspects of the ECP braking system, train forces and dynamic behaviour of the rail vehicle. Sydac modelling methodology is a one-to-one representation of each relevant component so as to ensure that the modelled behaviour of the rail vehicle and of the rail infrastructure is correct both in normal, degraded and abnormal situations.

The rail vehicle and rail infrastructure models are developed using Mathworks MATLAB/Simulink and National Instruments MatrixX, which are widely considered today to be the industry standard tools for high fidelity numerical modelling of physical systems. MATLAB/Simulink is used by leading engineering and science companies, and by more than 5,000 universities around the world.

Sydac tuned models have been tested by one of its major customers to be 99% accurate and Sydac simulators have been used for accident investigation further highlighting their accuracy to the traction units.

Sydac can provide any type of freight simulator to suit your requirements, from full cab simulators with motion system to driver console simulators enclosed in trailer truck.

Sydac simulators can also be combined with LEADER, the driver assistant system supplied by our sister company New York Air Brake. LEADER helps train drivers operate trains in a smooth and energy-efficient manner by presenting ongoing advices on train-handling techniques in a standardized format.

With major freight customers like Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Genesee & Wyoming and Queensland Rail National, to name just a few, Sydac can deliver a locomotive simulator that will exceed your expectations.

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