Intercity & Urban Rail Transport

Intercity (high speed and conventional)

Sydac is the recognised leader in passenger management simulation. This is due to the advanced nature of its solutions.

Sydac differentiated itself in passenger simulation in the United Kingdom by developing the industry's best simulation in passenger behaviour for London Underground. From there, it has developed into an advanced passenger and public interaction management training tool for rail and road simulation.

Sydac simulators include over 100 different types of 3D virtual reality passengers and a passenger density model which enables scenarios to be developed using different passenger loadings on platforms.

Simulated rail vehicle CCTV systems (e.g. to monitor passenger egress at station platforms or passengers on-board the tram) also operate in the same manner as that on the real rail vehicle.

Recent investments have also led to the development of a dedicated Environment Simulation Module (ESM) to deliver challenging and realistic road and pedestrian traffic conditions in the most immersive environment available.

The Environment Simulation Module includes artificial intelligence control for pedestrians, road vehicles and other objects, object placement and pathing, high fidelity animations, vehicle physics, object collisions, rich environmental sounds, powerful scripting capability plus intuitive 3D based editing and real time control interfaces.

Furthermore Sydac understands that due to the specific conditions of urban rail networks, a wide viewing field is required, to take account of other road users and pedestrians that can affect the driver’s behaviour.

To this end, Sydac can offer its Live3DTM display technology, which allows the vision of the trainee to be warped in real time according to the actual position of the trainee’s head. The virtual camera used to compute the Computer Generated Images moves depending on the direction of gaze of the trainee to allow him to view objects outside its normal field of view.

Live3DTM provides in effect an unbounded Field Of View in the horizontal and veritcal axes. This is another unique feature of Sydac simulators.

Urban (Metros, Trams, LRV)

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