Full Cab Simulators

Sydac full cab simulators are designed to provide trainees with the greatest possible immersion providing a real life train driving experience in an exact replica of their on-the-job environment.

All in-cab equipment is fully functional allowing training beyond the basic driving functions. Out-of-cab train equipment can be simulated using an integrated Part Task Trainer to provide virtual access as required.

Full cab simulators are useful for training in processes and procedures, utilising equipment beyond the basic driving functions, or when assessment of competency requires maximum cab familiarity.

Main benefits:

  • Most effective training (high level of immersion).
  • Driver’s skills are demonstrated more fairly and realistically.


  • Framework built in aluminium or light steel to maximise product life cycle.
  • All interior dimensions, shape, colour and texture respecting the actual driver’s cab.
  • Exterior of the driver’s cab painted in the correct rail operator livery.

The cab is equipped with:

  • Genuine cab controls allowing for:
    - High level of immersion creating more realistic training environment.
    - Same tactile response as in the real cab.
    - Changes to cab layout and controls can be implemented easily.
  • An air-conditioning/ventilation system.
  • A 5.1 audio surround system hidden in the cab.
  • A webcam that transmits the trainee actions to the instructor station, installed in a non-obtrusive way in the cab structure.

The actual Driver's Display Units and train radio can either be graphically emulated using touch screens of equal dimensions or interfaced with industrial protocols. Sydac has supplied more than 30 full cab simulators worldwide providing a solid experience to meet your requirements. The following images illustrate some of Sydac full cab simulators.

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