BUS Driver Training



Public passenger safety and comfort is paramount to a successful bus operation. Urban bus driving is one of the most challenging on the roads. One must navigate the myriad of obstacles and hazards that city driving presents, while at the same time managing the paying customers who rely on your timely services.

Sydac’s long history of public transport simulation, our award winning passenger management simulation and our experience in simulating the complex realities of urban traffic has culminated in Sydac producing one of the most realistic bus driving simulators on the market today.

Each bus simulator offers the user:

  • Accurate braking, acceleration and vehicle handling
  • A range of CGI virtual worlds including urban, rural and freeway
  • High fidelity modelling of intersection traffic lights and traffic behaviour
  • Dynamic interaction with instructor-controlled vehicles
  • Realistic street content including cars, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians and animals
  • Interaction with boarding and alighting passengers
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Variable road adhesion (rain, ice)
  • Configurable weather (rain, snow, hail, fog, cloud cover)
  • Configurable time of day and time of year (aligned to correct direction of travel Eg. low sun in the west on winter afternoons)
  • Customisation options for your vehicle fleet
  • Static or motion base options