GENERIC Simulators

Offering the same training functionality, CGI quality and dynamic modelling accuracy as a full cab replica simulator, this lower priced training solution, focuses on driving actions.

The generic driver’s desk can replicate in soft controls the functions and displays of typical truck and bus cabins. An additional screen is provided to replicate a bus’s passenger entry door.

Driver console simulators are also well suited to simulate multiple makes and models of commercial vehicles, a common condition in many fleets.

Main benefits

  • More compact, lower priced solution.
  • Versatile (ability to simulate multiple models).
  • Open back that allows easier viewing by other trainees (smaller simulator footprint and lower floor loading).
  • Identical training functionality, CGI quality and train modelling accuracy as full cab simulators.

  • When equipped with a 6 Degree of Freedom motion base:
    • Realistic dynamic movement and feel by use of 6 Degree of Freedom motion base


  • Framework built in aluminium or light steel to maximise product life cycle.
  • Compliant to EU directive refresher training
  • Full evaluation and reporting package
  • Helicopter view of vehicle in its environment
  • Full complement of transmission types available, including 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed transmissions, with or without ranger and splitter
  • Adjustable picture in picture mirrors
  • Eco-drive programme (customisable)